Victoria Lynn Wallace Stevens

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Victoria Lynn Wallace Stevens, 56, passed away peacefully at her home in Arvada on February 14, 2019, St. Valentine's Day.

The coincidence of her passing on a day celebrating selfless love for others is not lost on family and friends. We prefer to remember our mother, sister and daughter as someone that is selfless. She is someone that lived a life of service, spreading her light and love with those whose lives she touched.

Vicky is a wonderful loving and devoted mother that raised four strong young adults. She is an adoring and loving grandmother to Liam, Kayla and Rose. She is a compassionate, fun and zany sister, daughter and aunt that completed family gatherings by just being with us. We will continue to love and live in this life guided by our memories of her. 

Vicky attended Arvada High School. After graduation she took accounting and bookkeeping classes at the community college while working as a bookkeeper for a local business in Arvada. She married Tom Stevens when she was 19 and gave birth to our family's first grandchild, Heather, Norman followed 5 years later and the twins, James and Emily, 5 years after that. Vicky raised her children in a house filled with laughter, love, devotion and strength. We have wonderful memories of the meals and events she would plan.

Wearing her heart on her sleeve she believed there was good in all souls. She was a devoutly spiritual woman that shared her love of Jesus with her church and the community.  

She was an active member of the church, raising her children to love God and guiding them with her example of service to others.

As her children grew, Vicky went back to work as a pharmacy technician. Here older folks found in Vicky an advocate that would help them find affordable alternatives to their medication or they got wellness calls if her customers didn't show when they needed refills.

Her recent career as an events director at Alta Vita assisted care facilty in Longmont, allowed Vicky to find fulfilling work bringing joy to the residents, the staff and coworkers.

She is survived by her children Heather, Norman, James and Emily. Her grand children Liam, Kayla and Rose. Her siblings Veronica, Tamara, Scott, TJ, Corrie, Andy and Angie. Her nieces and nephews Misty, Will, Conner, Caitlin, Christianna, Courtney, Spencer, Tanner, Mackenzie, Monique, Mercedes, Corissa, Avery, Bentlie, Chandler, Dylan Emree. Her fathers Ted Wallace, David Wagner and Roger Maloy. She is preceded in death by her Grandmother Isabelle, Mother April, Brother Kenny, and her nephew Joshua.