Simona Maria Blenyesi

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Simona Maria Blenyesi was born on November 15, 1981 in Turda, Romania to Silvia and Arpad Blenyesi. She died on March 25, 2019 at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. She is survived in the United States by her two sons (Michael and Marius Martinez), her sister (Emilia Leffel), her nieces (Alexis Leffel and Leilanna Guyse), her nephew (Marcus Benton) and her boyfriend (Ro Cortez). She is survived in Spain by her two older sisters (Leana and Nina), two older brothers (Florin and Marius), and numerous nephews and nieces. A memorial service celebrating Simona will be held on April 28, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. at Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado where Simona attended and was baptized in 2018.

Having lost both of her parents when she was young, Simona’s number one passion in life was, without a doubt, her family. Her mother died when Simona was five years old and Emilia was one year old. Because her father was unable to care for his two young daughters, Simona and Emilia were placed in orphanages in Gherla, Romania when Simona was just six years old. Always the protective “big sister,” Simona frequently would walk from her orphanage to Emilia‘s orphanage to check on her (until Emilia was finally old enough to move to Simona’s orphanage). Simona made several very close friends while living in the orphanage, and in true Simona fashion, she maintained those friendships throughout the years even until her death.

Simona and Emilia were adopted by a Colorado family in 1996 when Simona was 15 years old. Coming to the US as a teenager who knew very little English, life was challenging for Simona, but she hit every challenge head on and with determination. Simona gave birth to her first son (Michael) when she was just 17 years old. Having been expelled from her private high school due to her pregnancy, she worked during the day and went to school in the evening to complete her high school education and receive her diploma. Barely one year after Michael was born, Simona gave birth to her second son (Marius).

Being a single mom with two young sons did not slow Simona down. She was self-motivated and was continuously working on improving herself and her standing in life. In 2004, she received her dental assistant certificate and began working full-time at Comfort Dental in Westminster, Colorado – where she remained working until her death. Simona cherished her two sons and worked tirelessly to ensure that they had every opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Simona was also an extraordinary “auntie“ (and so much more) to her nieces and nephews. Perhaps because she understood how fleeting life can be, Simona held tight to her sons, her siblings, her nieces and her nephews. Her devotion to her sister Emilia – through thick and thin – was unparalleled.

Simona became a naturalized US citizen in 2008, but she never forgot her Romanian roots. She was extremely proud of her heritage and her beautiful homeland. She was excited to be able to introduce Michael, Marius and Ro to Romania and to her older brothers and sisters in 2018. Although they only saw each other a few times after Simona left Romania, she adored her older siblings.

Simona was always ready for an adventure, and she loved traveling with Ro. Together, they saw much of Colorado – camping, hiking, boating, and snowmobiling – as well as many other parts of the US (often watching Ro’s favorite basketball, football or baseball teams play wherever they traveled). Her facebook page is filled with pictures she took chronicling the fun times she had with Ro, her family and her friends. Having successfully raised her boys to adulthood, Simona was excited to enter the next chapter of her life. She had plans to get additional training to become a dental hygienist, to bring members of her Romanian family to the US, and to continue traveling the world with Ro.

Simona had an infectious smile and was a loving and caring friend to many people from many walks of life. She understood firsthand how hard life can be and was the first person to offer to help whenever there was a need. She believed in paying it forward, and she often sacrificed her own time, money and wellbeing to improve the lives of her friends and family. Her giving spirit did not end with her death – she donated her vital organs to save the lives of five strangers. In lieu of flowers, donations are being accepted to help defray funeral expenses. Please make checks payable to “The Estate of Simona Blenyesi.” Funds may be mailed to The Locke Law Firm, 10901 Oxford Rd, Longmont, CO 80504 or may be brought to the memorial service.